We need a raise

1377696831000-AP-Fast-Food-StrikeFast food workers get no respect.

Working in this economy all too often means living paycheck to paycheck, always on the edge never quite able to pull ahead. Fast food jobs pay wages too low for anyone to do more than survive, have no consistent hours, no benefits, and no control over the workplace. These jobs not keep workers in poverty; fast food chains treat workers like disposable people, while making millions of dollars for those at the top.

Fast food workers, low-wage workers, deserve respect.

We are fast food workers – young fathers, college students, working mothers, immigrant women, and average nearly 30-years-old. Fast food is not just young people looking for weekend spending money, this is a workforce trying to pay rent, raise children, and start their careers. When the Oregonian reports that the wage needed to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in Portland is $16, we can’t survive on $9.25.


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