We are the High5 Campaign

Working fast food means being understaffed and over worked, providing quality service without the resources that you need to get the job done. Low wage workers face inconsistent and last minute scheduling that prevents us from taking second jobs and coordinating other important aspects of our lives because we never know when we might have to work. On top of all this, workers in fast food are treated with constant disrespect from our managers and bosses whether we are being patronized on the floor, talked to like a child, or paid low wages.

This is about a raise, proper staffing, reliable scheduling, and the respect we deserve.

Fast food and low wage workers are coming together to say that it is time to stop feeling powerless, stop living paycheck to paycheck and stop being disrespected by our employers. When workers come together with a unified voice, we can win real changes in our workplaces. Raising wages benefits the workers, their families and the entire economy.

No worker should live in poverty. Fast food workers matter: we work hard, we want respect, we need a raise!

The time is now.

We have bills to pay, we can’t wait for elected officials to decide that we matter. Rent is rising, food costs are up, education expenses are higher than ever – we need a raise now! We are organizing in our workplace to demand a well-deserved raise and the respect that goes along with standing up for ourselves!

This campaign is open to anyone and everyone who needs a raise. Let us know you’re out there, so we can connect and work together.  


We need a raise

1377696831000-AP-Fast-Food-StrikeFast food workers get no respect.

Working in this economy all too often means living paycheck to paycheck, always on the edge never quite able to pull ahead. Fast food jobs pay wages too low for anyone to do more than survive, have no consistent hours, no benefits, and no control over the workplace. These jobs not keep workers in poverty; fast food chains treat workers like disposable people, while making millions of dollars for those at the top.

Fast food workers, low-wage workers, deserve respect.

We are fast food workers – young fathers, college students, working mothers, immigrant women, and average nearly 30-years-old. Fast food is not just young people looking for weekend spending money, this is a workforce trying to pay rent, raise children, and start their careers. When the Oregonian reports that the wage needed to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in Portland is $16, we can’t survive on $9.25.